United Bitcoin

United Bitcoin

"Garzik's project of scalable Bitcoin."

Fork Executed:  03 Jan 2018

Block Nr. at Split:  502271

Fork ETA:  03 Jan 2018

Replay Protection:  Yes.

Forked Coin Granting by Exchanges:  https://qoinpro.com/, possibly others

Forked Coin Wallets:
 - Official Bitcoin-Qt and core wallet.
 - NEW: Official Electrum light wallet for Windows and Mac OS.

Official Website:  http://www.ub.com/

Team:  Jeff Garzik, SongXiu Hua, Matthew Roszak

This fork has two phases - phase 1 (the actual split) happened on Dec 12.


  • 8MB
  • SegWit
  • Lightning Network
  • Smart contracts


  • Quantum Computing resistant hashing algorithm (security)
  • Zero knowledge proofs (privacy and fungibility)
  • Atomic swaps


Phase 1 - Distribution on chain split

12 December 2017, block 498777.

UnitedBitcoin is not pre-mined but there is a limitation as to who receives the forked coins. All active balances on the Bitcoin chain will receive equivalent balances on the UnitedBitcoin chain.

The active balance condition

All users who transfer Bitcoins between their addresses between Block 494000 and Block 498777 (11 November 2017 to 12 December 2017 GMT) are eligible on the following conditions:

  • The output address (receiving address) must also be listed as one of the input addresses and cannot be a totally new address
  • The output address (receiving address) must end up with a balance of more than 0.01 BTC

Unclaimed coins

A private miner will validate the transfer of the remaining unclaimed UnitedBitcoin to multiple multi-signature addresses controlled by the UB Foundation. This process will not affect any BTC balances. The limited amount of UB gained through this process will be deposited into the UB foundation as well.

Part of UB Foundation’ s coins will be used for Phase 2 distribution. The remaining will be reserved as collateral to back the issuance of digital currencies pegged to fiat currencies.

Phase 2 - Manual distribution

January 3rd 2018, block 502271

The phase 2 is for all users who failed to “activate” their addresses for the phase 1. It is like an additional claim option, not a new fork: users will be granted the amount of forked coins for the address state at block 498777 (12 Dec).

It is necessary to activate the BTC address by sending OUT anywhere at least one transaction before block 502271. You need to send coins from the address that had a BTC balance on 12 December (block 498777).

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