"SegWit2x born again."

Fork Executed:  28 Dec 2017

Block Nr. at Split:  501451

Fork ETA:  

Replay Protection:  Yes.

Forked Coin Granting by Exchanges:,

Forked Coin Wallets:
 - Online wallet with

Official Website:

Team:  Robert Szabo (dev), Jaap Terlouw (founder)

The original SegWit2X fork that was called off in November 2017 is happening after all.

From the official website:

Our team will carry out the Bitcoin hard fork – Segwit2X, which was expected in mid-November. At the same time, its futures trading is conducted on some exchanges, including HitBTC.

So once again, features of the SegWit2x:

  • X11 encryption
  • faster block generation
  • 4MB blocks

In the roadmap for 2018:

  • lightning network
  • smart contracts
  • zksnark
  • transaction privacy

This time bitcoin holders should receive more than 1:1 ratio of their holdings: Jaap Terlouw says on the official homepage of SegWit2X they will also distribute a proportional amount of Satoshi’s BTC equivalent.

Currently, SegWit2X futures trade on YoBit where the forked coins will also be granted 1:1 on the new chain launch.