Bitcoin Private

Bitcoin Private

"ZCL-BTC hybrid"

Block Nr. at Split:  TBA

Fork ETA:  28 Feb 2018

Replay Protection:  Yes.

Forked Coin Granting by Exchanges:  TBA

Forked Coin Wallets:
 - ZClassic paperwallet will be usable

Official Website:

Team:  Rhett Creighton, Chris Sulmone and others - see

The BTCP is a fork that takes some value from BTC and some from ZCL. The main features of BTCP are slightly larger blocks and zk-snarks for transaction privacy. The development team is large, community takes from ZCL a lot.

Bitcoin private is a fork that grants coins 1:1 for holders of Bitcoin (BTC) and ZClassic (ZCL). The snapshot of both blockchains takes place on 28 February 2018, the actual fork and launch of the blockchain is scheduled for two days after the snapshot.

There is no official wallet or exchange support known yet but a list of the BTCP ecosystem links exists on Github.

For now it appears ZCL wallets will be able to store the forked coins.