Bitcoin God

Bitcoin God

"POS fork"

Fork Executed:  25 Dec 2017

Block Nr. at Split:  501225

Fork ETA:  

Replay Protection:  ?

Forked Coin Granting by Exchanges:  Hitbit

Forked Coin Wallets:
 - Coinomi and a number of web wallets

Official Website:

Team:  Team of Chinese developers.

Their words:

Bitcoin God is a borderless non- profit peer-to-peer organization. Our vision is to leverage a decentralized platform to solve the many problems created by existing centralized system.

Bitcoin God is a completely self monitored decentralized community. The community will decide on the quantity and receivers of its tokens. The tokens mined each day will be used for charitable purposes, out of which, 17 million will be airdropped to the current holders of Bitcoins (close to the outstanding amount of BTC). The remaining 4 million will be airdropped for charitable donation. The process will be via users sharing their wallet address to our social network.

The point of “users sharing their wallet address” is apparently the POS implementation.

The fork already happened on December 25 2017 but the network launch is planned for the first quarter of 2018.

Hitbit supports this fork and will grant the coins for BTC balances during the split when the GOD network launches.